The Secret PA: It's my birthday, it's my birthday

Published on: 28 Oct 2020

The Secret PA


As I’m sure they have been for most people, these past couple of weeks have been quite turbulent – cancelled plans, rearranged lunches and autumnal picnics ft. many layers! Most excitingly for me though, it’s been my BIRTHDAY!

I always get very excited for birthdays. I’m a huuuge birthday person, be that my own or literally anyone else’s. I’ve been known to travel cross-continent, bearing balloons and party hats just to surprise a friend on their special day. I love it!

Back in March/April, like many Autumn babies I thought my birthday would be safe from Miss Rona. How wrong we were! I had planned a bottomless brunch with just 5 of my closest friends, then a dinner the following evening with my family. Needless to say, both had to be cancelled. But. I did end up having a good day…

As I couldn’t do any proper celebrating, I decided to work on my birthday. I like having a purpose and a schedule anyway, so why not? I thought. My boss has scheduled in a Zoom call for a catch up and little birthday chat, so as it was my bday I decided to actually do my make up and hair (for once) and put on some nice clothes. And I’m very glad I did! I joined the call to see my whole office waiting for me, and as soon as my sound was activated they all started singing ‘Happy Birthday’! It was ridiculous and wonderful and may have brought a few tears to my eyes. What made it even more special was that they then took it in turns to say one thing I had done for them in the past year that had made their lives easier/made them smile. This not only got my emotions going, but also really made me feel valued and appreciated, which is a feeling I think is often overlooked in work life. If you have a friend or colleague’s birthday coming up, I would strongly recommend doing something like this for them!

After that emotion in the afternoon, I went for a walk with my friend who lives close by, and we shared a bottle of bubbly in the park, wrapped up warm in coats and scarves and socks etc.

All in, an absolutely lovely birthday!

Glad to have such nice news to share with you all, we'll see how long it lasts...!

Xx C