The Secret PA becomes a Temporary Secretary

Written by: Secret PA
Published on: 17 Jul 2015

Boy, am I ready for a cocktail or two with the girls tonight. It's been a pretty intense week; Underwood is back on my case after two weeks of mingling with clients at Wimbledon and Curly's been phoning me for extra support all week as his Secretary broke her ankle on Monday and has been unable to get into the office all week. For me, it's meant that I've received a whole heap of work from both sources and most evenings I've had to play catch-up with emails. I'm finally back on track though, so mojitos call!

Cocktail  [square]Thanks for all the suggestions regarding presents for my not-so-baby sister. I have once again utilised my internet saviour and have picked a few travel-orientated essentials for her new flat, including a scratch map that I've had beautifully framed at a lovely little gallery I know.

I've also bought her a new leather passport case and travel wallet from Aspinal of London, as her current collection did not survive the eight months of world travel - and I've no doubt that she'll last only a few more weeks before deciding to throw caution to the wind and head out on another crazy adventure again! I've had her initials embossed on them, which is just as well because the more I stare at them the more I wish I'd bought myself a set!

Map [square]The birthday party is next week, so I'm really looking forward to heading back to the countryside and spending some R&R with the family and dogs for a few days.

For now though, I must go! I've just received the umpteenth panic email from Curly and need to grab Underwood's coffee before he gets back from his breakfast meeting. Have a lovely weekend everyone!