The Secret PA: Adjusting

Published on: 21 Apr 2020

The Secret PAAs much as I’d love to open my update for you with my classic ‘Wow, what a few weeks!’, I really can’t at the moment. As I’m sure a number of you may also have found, life has slowed somewhat over the last month, as we go further and further into our new normal. Whilst it was all novel and, though terrifying, pretty interesting in the beginning, I’ve found myself slipping into domesticity and just going about my life in quite a wholesome manner – baking, walking once a day, finding time to read again.

Although I was worried at first, I’ve now actively made the decision to enjoy this enforced downtime. When all this is over, who knows when we’ll get so much time to focus on the small things, to spend times in our own homes? Don’t get me wrong, I have always loved the daily hustle and bustle of the city (I even love the rush hour commute – it’s the thrill of it all!), but it really is proving a great time to reflect on life’s priorities.

Workwise, there have been a few minor dramas but, thankfully, nothing huge. Jacob, my boss, wanted some kind of home schooling organised for his (very conscientious) 8-year-old daughter, so I managed to find a reputable online tutor who gives classes over video. I’m sure I’ll be hearing how that’s going now term has restarted!

The most fun I’ve had with work-wise has been organising Jacob’s son’s 6th birthday party. When I joined the company, a party had already been put together – weather permitting, it was to be in their home garden with a marquee, balloons, bunting, and various super heroes in attendance. For obvious reasons, this has been moved remotely. I had the most fun designing the super-hero themed invites, and putting together what can only be described as an absolute banger of a playlist, filled with superhero themes (as well as the current kiddie classics) that I worked out I can share using a setting on the video platform. I spoke with a local bakery and organised cupcakes to be delivered to all of his friends so they can share in the birthday fun. It will be the remote party to end all remote parties, I’m sure of it!

I hope you’re all still keeping safe and well.

Lots of love,

C Xx