The Secret PA: A Brand New Role

Published on: 23 Mar 2020

The Secret PA

Wow, what a few weeks it has been, and continues to be. Like I’m sure most of you are, I am currently working from home, in a quasi-lockdown situation – despite only starting my job two weeks ago.

Firstly, to fill you in on the new job – I absolutely love it so far. I was immediately thrown in to organising a big family trip to Florida, as my new boss, Jacob, had a conference coming up there, and so wanted to roll it into one big family trip (including his wife, Sophie, and children Avery and Luke, 8 and 5 respectively). As Patty had almost always travelled alone, this was absolutely new territory for me and I was loving it: not only was I organising the fun activities for the holiday, but was able to really get into the nitty gritty of a business trip. And, to top it off, Jacob had invited me to go along with them!

Throughout this organisation, however, was the elephant in the room, the global threat: COVID-19. This was threatening to turn all my plans to mush. As the virus spread out from China, closer and closer to Europe and, of course, Florida, my planning ground to a halt.

Last week we received the news that we would imminently be working from home. This is completely new territory for me, as I’m sure it is for many of you who now also find yourself in this unprecedented situation. On Monday, when the first whisperings that it may happen sooner than we thought began, Jacob called me into the office so that we could discuss practicalities. Luckily, much of what I currently do can be easily managed remotely online – diary and inbox management, planning, that kind of thing. It’s just the little in-person, ad-hoc tasks that would be harder to manage. Jacob also reassured me that the current situation would in no way affect my status as an employee at the company – a concern I know many are currently facing.

It remains to be seen quite how this is going to pan out. I’ll update you weekly with what’s been happening my side, but for now I just urge everyone to stay safe and stay inside!

Speak soon,
Xx C