The Comprehensive Private PA Jobs Guide

Written by: Joshua Boynton
Published on: 3 Mar 2022


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  • Private Personal Assistant jobs are considered highly desirable by most Personal Assistants, and it is easy to see why. Some Private PAs enjoy a glamourous lifestyle, jetting off to exotic destinations and staying in luxury accommodation on a routine basis. Such roles do exist, but what is the reality of working as a Private PA – and how can you bag yourself such a sought-after position?
  • What is a Private PA?
  • Who Do Private PAs Work For?
  • How to Become a Private PA
  • What Are the Benefits of Private PA Jobs?
  • Are Private PA Jobs Right for You?
  • Private PA Jobs

    A special mention goes to the extensive interactions that many Private PAs have with both the immediate and extended families of their principal. Acting as a Family PA could see you supporting older or distant relatives and children alike.

    This is only a handful of examples that might typically be expected in such roles. Your Private PA responsibilities could be totally different depending on the type of individual you work for.

  • What is a Private PA?

    In general, a Private PA works on behalf of one individual on a privately funded basis. This professional will help with all sorts of different tasks, and these can vary considerably from one Private PA role to the next.

    The position of a Private PA is quite different from that of an Executive Assistant or corporate PA, who will often support multiple executives on a more administrative or business support basis. Still, while these positions are very different from each other, many of the skills required to be a success in them are similar.


    The typical duties of a Private PA could include:

    • Supporting administrative needs and correspondence

    • Events management

    • Travel and diary management

    • Overseeing domestic staff

    • Managing household bills and basic bookkeeping

    • Handling ad hoc personal errands

  • Who Do Private PAs Work For?

    Private PA jobs are varied. This is, in part, because many different types of individuals require the help of a Personal Assistant. Here are some examples of individuals who might need assistance from a Private PA:

    Senior Businessmen

    Businessmen at the C-suite have demanding work schedules that often leave little room for personal affairs. As such, it is hardly a surprise that many senior businessmen seek help from Private PAs. These probably constitute the most accessible Private PA jobs. 


    Celebrities often use Private PAs to help organise both their personal and professional lives. These individuals might not want to enter public spaces for errands, for example, as they fear being recognised by fans or detractors. 

    High-net-worth Individuals and Ultra-high-net-worth Individuals

    When it comes to an individual with a net worth in the millions, hundreds of millions, or even billions, there is always a lot to take care of in terms of logistics and administration. These roles are highly sought after but very demanding.

    Of course, this short list is just a sample of the types of individuals who might need a Private PA. There is some crossover between these categories too, but it is important to make distinctions as different employers will have different expectations.


  • How to become a Private PA

    This is the issue that everybody is pondering, quite understandably. Becoming a Private PA is about building relevant experience and setting out your stall in an appropriate manner. The easiest way to secure a Private PA role is with experience in a similar position, but what can you do if you have only worked in a corporate capacity? 

    Tune Your CV 

    You can start by optimising your CV to impress during the recruitment process. Assuming you have previous experience working as a PA or an EA in the business world, you will already have many of the skills required to become a successful Private PA.

    It could be that travel management only constituted a small part of an older position you held, but this skill could be invaluable for organising family holidays as a Private PA, for example. You need to highlight the relevant skills as required. The most effective approach is editing your CV for each job application, as responsibilities can vary a lot from one role to the next 

    Gain Relevant Experience 

    It can be hard to become a Private PA without prior experience in the field. If you are applying for these roles without success, it means you need to build more relevant experience. Seek out roles in corporate environments where you might have the opportunity to help with your principal’s personal life. These hybrid roles can be an excellent vehicle for breaking into a relatively exclusive field. Without any PA or EA experience whatsoever, you are very unlikely to be considered for Private PA positions.

    Prioritise Discretion 

    When an individual hires a Private PA, they do so knowing that this professional will have some clear insights into their life and personal affairs. The Private PA will see their homes, family, finances, and all sorts else. As such, they need to be able to trust that their Private PA will behave professionally and discreetly. At all stages of the application process for a Private PA position, you need to shine a light on your respect for confidentiality.

    Exhibit Flexibility 

    One of the most demanding aspects of Private PA roles is that you are expected to be available at almost all times. These roles usually require long hours, weekends, and overnight work. By showing that you are up to the challenge and that you have the flexibility and willingness to handle these demands, you are giving yourself an edge. It is not just about the times you will be expected to work, either. These are varied roles where a Private Household PA could be arranging a formal event one week and interviewing household staff the next. If you are capable of breaking new ground and trying new things, this is the perfect role for you.

    Consider Relevant Courses 

    It could be that you have the skills required to become a great Private PA, but you don’t have any official accreditation to back you up. In some cases, it is worthwhile seeking out professional qualifications that could give you more credibility. Since you might be corresponding with third parties on behalf of your new principal, you should be able to demonstrate outstanding written and verbal communication skills, as a minimum. Again, the specific skills that will be most valued will be determined by your prospective employer and their background. A high-powered fashion executive might prefer somebody with a fashion background, while a television celebrity might want someone who has worked in the entertainment industry.

  • What Are The Benefits Of Private PA Jobs

    It is clear that many Private PA jobs are demanding, but there are some clear benefits for those who follow this professional route.

    Travel Opportunities

    One of the major benefits of becoming a Private PA is the opportunity for travel. Whether you work for a businessman, a celebrity, or a HNW individual, the chances are that they will go through periods of travel – and an equally good chance that you will join them.

    Strong Salary Potential

    Less experienced Private PAs can expect to earn in the region of £35,000 per annum to start with, but as they gain experience, salaries can reach £100,000 per annum or higher. These earnings are even better when you consider that you might have limited costs during periods of travel.

    Access to a Luxury Lifestyle

    In some Private PA roles, you will get to enjoy the luxury lifestyle that comes with having a high net worth. This could mean staying in lavish hotels or traveling in first class jets that would otherwise be inaccessible to you.

  • Are Private PA Jobs Right for You?

    You must carefully consider whether or not Private PA jobs are the right option for you. They usually demand long hours and you need to perform to a high level, but the rewards are worthwhile. With access to luxurious travel opportunities and generous compensation, Private PA jobs are an excellent option for those with the right experience and mindset.

    If you’re looking for a new Private PA job, now could be the perfect time to apply. Browse the latest Private PA opportunities on SecsintheCity today or create a job alert to be notified of suitable roles when they are posted.