The benefits of work experience

Published on: 12 Jul 2016


Bain and Grey


Bain and Gray highly encourage students to consider work experience prior to searching for their first permanent role. Work experience provides a starting point for your CV where skills and achievements can be highlighted to future employers. Being involved in an office environment for the first time can be overwhelming and daunting so work experience can give students the opportunity to prepare for the workplace and provides an idea of what to expect.

Bain and Gray run a Work Experience Programme with Oxford Media and Business School and have made long term and lasting relationships with both students and our clients through this. The programme enables us to match students with a wide range of companies depending on their experience, interests and skills.

A huge benefit to undertaking work experience before starting your first permanent role is that you can trial different industries and work out what suits you best. There are so many different aspects to choosing the right role so work experience can narrow down your search and help you focus on finding your dream job!

This Year Bain and Gray had a wonderful student from OMBS join us for a week’s work experience in the ever so busy world of recruitment. Here is a short quote that she wrote after her experience of working with us -
‘Having the opportunity to work at Bain and Gray for a week’s work experience has been fantastic. It was lovely to see how close the team are at Bain and Gray! I have been so lucky to work within a small and personal company; they have shown me a huge amount in such a short period of time. I am hugely grateful for their time.’

Work experience can provide students with great opportunities and a wealth of knowledge and skills before starting their job search. Bain and Gray see the benefits of work experience for both clients and students and will continue to encourage and provide work experience opportunities.