The Bain and Gray Top ten interview tips

Written by: Bain and Gray
Published on: 1 Feb 2016

Preparing before any interview can make all the difference to the end result. The Bain and Gray team have put together our top ten tips in order to achieve the best outcome on the big day.


1. Prepare Yourself

Research the company on the Internet – the more you know the better and they will really appreciate the fact that you are well informed. Social Media can also provide you with some key information both on the company and the employees. Also make sure to find out some information on the interviewer and the person you will be working for.Research some background information and their position in the company; LinkedIn is always a good place to start!

2. Presentation

The Bain and Gray team always stress the importance of first appearances. Make sure you dress appropriately for the role, we would suggest wearing a suit or something equally smart and professional. Avoid chipped nails or chewing gum which may cause a distraction. Looking polished and well-presented will greatly help towards making a good impression.

3. Turn up early, but not too early!

Arrive 5 minutes before the interview time – no earlier and definitely don’t be late. If you are running late; then you must try to ring the company to warn them and give them the option to rearrange. It is courteous and they will appreciate that you are thinking on their behalf.

4. Know your CV inside out

Make sure you have a recap over all previous employment and what responsibilities or skills you may have gained at each role. The Bain and Gray team also always suggest making sure you are able to explain any gaps in your CV!

5. Previous employment

Know your reasons for leaving every job and make sure to keep them positive. You do not want the client thinking that you would be negative about their company!

6. Keep Calm

Being a little bit nervous is never a bad thing however try to remain calm in order to keep in a good mind frame. At Bain and Gray we always remind our candidates that the interviewer will be trying to impress you as much as you are trying to make an impact on them.

7. Positivity

What are your strengths and weaknesses? This question is always bound to come up but make sure you are prepared! If possible always try to turn a negative into a positive situation. A possible idea is to say is that one of your weaknesses could be your need for accuracy at all times. It might be something that can sometimes slow you down but an interviewer could view this in a positive light.

8. Eye contact

Make sure you are engaging! You want to leave the interviewer feeling like they could have talked to you for hours. Eye contact will ensure you are focussed and direct when answering questions.

9. Questions

Remember to think about some questions to ask at the job interview. They will normally give you the chance to ask at the end so make sure you have a couple prepared in order to prove you are interested in the role and the company itself.

10. The all-important handshake

Shake your interviewer’s hand firmly – no ‘limp’ handshakes! Eye contact is also a must as you leave; it will help them remember you.


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