Take the SecsintheCity salary survey to find out what you’re worth

Published on: 25 Sep 2018

SSTake the SecsintheCity salary survey to find out what you’re worth

In Autumn 2017, we asked more than 3,000 UK office support professionals – from Personal Assistants and Executive Assistants to Office Managers – to deliver the details of their working lives. We then used this data to create an Audience Insight Report that revealed a force of driven, degree-educated professionals, often with more than a decade’s experience.

Our survey demographics showed a significant gender imbalance, with 92% of participants identifying as female. We also saw that, with the highest salary by job title, a soaring 60% jump in bonus recipients and a 17% income surge year on year, Private PAs edged out their creative, capable colleagues across every sector as the elite set of office support professionals.

Will these trends continue into 2018? Has the promise of extra salary and plenty of perks attracted a wealth of talent towards Private PA roles? Fill out the 2018 survey salary today and we’ll collate all the data we receive to produce an updated Audience Insight Report.

The survey also allows you to benchmark your salary against other office support professionals in similar roles to your own. Click here to take the 2018 SecsintheCity salary survey and find out if you’re getting paid fairly.