The Strictly Secret PA

Published on: 7 Nov 2014

In a bid to limber up and I admit, in a stroke of Strictly fever, I hit Zumba last week. It’s far from ballroom but as my gym offered it I thought I’d give the class a whirl.

People say “dance like nobody else is watching” so I did...until my leggings gave way. I scuttled off like Scott Mills dressed as Sebastian the crab when Strictly went to the movies.

Despite the embarrassment I did enjoy dancing like a diva, but to preserve my modesty I think I need to find a new gym!

My feline alter ego was in full swing on Halloween as my boss bagged the team a place on the guest list at a swanky West End bar. I don’t know what was scarier: colleagues in unsightly fancy dress or the awkward “Dear Deidre” conversations which spill out with vino. 

Spent most of this week juggling a cold with a hectic schedule, so this weekend I'm having a cosy weekend with family and a Sunday pub lunch...perfect!

Have a good one everyone...