The Secret PA: Step into Christmas!

Published on: 11 Dec 2020


Well, what a whirlwind couple of months hey?! I’m sure it’s been as hectic for all of you as it has been for me. Lockdown 2.0 didn’t go by nearly quite as quickly as 1.0, but who cares about that now – it’s finally Christmas time!

During the 4-week lockdown, we all worked from home again, but since it lifted a few of us have been back in the office on a part time basis. I have to say I am loving it – it’s great to have some company throughout the day, people to bounce off/rant to/gossip with, especially after so many months of being on my own in my flat. It’s even better to have people to get in the festive spirit with!

Christmas has always been a hectic time for me in my career as a PA, and this year it’s been no different. Although there are just a few of us in the office, I wanted to make it as Christmassy as possible. On the very first of the month, I played Christmas music through the office speaker system, and brought in a big Christmas tree (that I handily picked up on my lunch break). To stick to regulations, each of us in the office took it in turns to decorate, and the result is a beautiful mishmash of all of us! Perhaps not everyone's cup of tea, but it’s making us all very happy as it sits there twinkling in the 4pm darkness.

Similarly to the way I told you I feel about birthdays, I looove Christmas, and not just for myself. I love to get everyone else in the Christmas spirit, and I just love treating people to the gifts they’ll love. That’s one of the reasons I love Christmas as a PA as well – not only do I buy my own loved ones gifts, but I get to choose perfect gifts for the people in my boss’s life. And man has the list been long this year! I’ve done most of the shopping online, just to stay safe. Whilst it has taken some of the fun out of it, getting parcels delivered has been super exciting! And for those extra special gifts I have gone for a little browse, just to see what takes my fancy when I’m out and about.

I have to say, my particular favourite so far has been a Guinness dressing gown for my boss’s brother – hopefully he’ll take that as a placeholder whilst an actual visit to Dublin is currently off the cards!

Have a wonderful festive season,

C Xx