Social Media PA's

Published on: 31 Aug 2016


With 1 million new active social users every day, approximately 12 each second, social media is not something you can easily avoid. It is a large part of our personal lives, but more importantly has now become a significant part of our working lives. (But make sure you keep the two separate!)

In 2015, 38% of organisations planned to spend more than 20% of their total advertising budgets on social media channels; this was a 13% increase on the year before. Social Media PA’s, also known as a Social Media Assistant roles are therefore becoming more popular in businesses. 

A Social Media Assistant would usually work closely with a Social Media Manager to create engaging content for a company's social media presence. This would usually include branding all social media platforms, keeping channels updated, as well as researching different avenues and ways of connecting with audiences to make the company more visible through each site. The Social Media Assistant will also be on hand to help with anything the individual, or team they are supporting needs. 

The day to day activities for a Social Media Assistant is never likely to be the same each day. Here is a list of what a Social Media PA’s responsibilities would typically include:
•    Managing company social media channels
•    Engaging in social media presence on new and emerging social media platforms
•    Creating written, graphic, and video content
•    Assisting with large projects and events
•    Working as part of a team to develop large social media campaigns and coordinates ad campaigns with social media strategy
•    Thinking of new ideas and concepts for social media content
•    Managing social media communications

Although the level of education required for these roles can vary greatly depending on the company, it is often the case that a bachelor’s degree is required in business, marketing, computer science etc. with a strong understanding of how a variety of social media platforms work. 

Top skills required to be a Social Media PA:
•    High level technology skills
•    Ability to execute campaigns
•    Teamwork
•    Self-Motivation
•    Strong communication skills
•    Networking – online and in person
•    Proofreading
•    Strong customer-service skills

If you are interested in becoming a Social Media PA and would like some more information, please do get in touch. 

Grace Tedstone - Office Manager at Tiger Recruitment


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