SecsintheCity Mentoring Scheme Kicks Off with Zoom Welcome Event

Written by: Ethan Cumming
Published on: 8 Jul 2021

On Tuesday evening we welcomed our first batch of mentors for a training session on Zoom to officially kickstart the SecsintheCity mentoring programme.


“In our strange and everchanging world, I think kindness and a willingness to help others are more important than ever,” said SecsintheCity’s Marketing Director Sarah EL-Doori as she welcomed our first ever batch of mentors to their initial training session on the evening of Tuesday 6 July.

“You’ve all really demonstrated that this evening with your commitment to the programme,” Sarah continued, “so a massive thank you for that.”

The idea for our mentoring programme was hatched during the finalist interviews for last year’s PA of the Year Awards, when Sarah noticed just how many of the shortlisted nominees mentioned mentoring or being mentored as a key factor in their professional development.

The pilot scheme, which we are hoping to run annually if successful, includes 18 PAs, EAs and other business support professionals who have generously given up their time to offer support and guidance to an assigned mentee.

Our welcome event on Tuesday included an insightful training session from Corinne Mills, Managing Director of Personal Career Management and author of the best seller You’re Hired: How to Write a Brilliant CV.

Corinne Mills

“I think with the pandemic we’ve all been living in our own little enclave, our own little world,” said Corinne as she started the training, “but actually, to be able to extend a hand of support to someone new, to someone you’ve not met before is just so meaningful for them but also very rewarding for you.”

“Tonight’s session has been excellent; it’s certainly made me feel a lot more at ease,” said one of our wonderful mentors as the session drew to a close, “I’ve really got a lot of tonight so thank you.”

We will be meeting again with our mentors in the Autumn so they can share learnings with one another and tell us about how their mentoring relationships have developed over the first few months of the programme.

If you would like to be involved next time we run the mentoring programme, you can register your interest in becoming a mentor or a mentee now.