SecsintheCity launch PA and EA jobs app

Want the latest PA, EA, Secretary and Admin jobs direct to your phone as soon as they’re posted?

We’ve made it even easier for you to find your next role with the launch of the SecsintheCity app.

Shortlist Jobs on the SecsintheCity App   Upload your CV on the SITC App

Get the latest jobs from global brands, FTSE listed firms and market leading recruiters by:

  • Saving searches to get notifications when relevant jobs are posted
  • Uploading your CV to iCloud, Google Drive or DropBox so you can apply for jobs on your iphone
  • Shortlisting jobs you’re interested in to apply later

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You can also browse common questions and answers below.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I setup notifications?

To ensure you have notifications enabled visit the Settings tab on the app and toggle “allow notifications”. You can choose to receive notifications instantly or when 5 new job matches are available. You can also select which time of day you’d like to receive notifications.

Allow Notifications [square]

To get the right jobs go to the search tab of the app, enter the job title and location, hit “search”, then select “save search” on the top right hand corner of the page.

How can I change or delete notifications?

On the search tab select “saved searches”. Here you can view all your saved searches which trigger notifications. To deactivate a saved search, swipe left and select “delete”. Alternatively you can select “clear all searches” below the search list.

How do I clear my notification alerts from the app icon?

Either by clicking into a notification alert on your home screen, or through the notification centre. You can access your notification centre by dragging the screen down from top to bottom when you're logged into your phone.

For more information contact our support team on 0207 348 5030 or email

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