The Secret PA: Day 1192

Published on: 8 Aug 2014

Not one for superstition and recently self affirmed luck-sceptic I refused to believe that the vending machine was trying to tell me something by way of a triple treats rebuttal when I went over for post meeting stress relief (goodbye diet!).

Let me back track to post meeting stress yesterday... 

It all started with MD Underwood who isn’t known for blowing steam outside the soundproof glass walls of his office gave a rather public reprimand to one of the Account Execs who walked in 20 minutes late, leaving her with 10 minutes to prep for a marathon 3 hour client meeting. She also looked about 20% below the benchmark for presentable (and given that we don’t have an uber corporate dress code, it’s not that difficult). So I had to get fire fighting when it really could have been avoided.

Anyway, I managed to do some damage control because I had collated the proposals and the briefs for her when I realised she still wasn’t in at ten past. This put the boss somewhat at ease and I had been in the internal meetings taking minutes to know enough about what was happening to be able to assist the boss with the presentation. When I worked for Scarlet and Pepper there were occasions where I had stepped up to take on delivering the presentation in the absence of the sales rep so I always pre-empt that here. I’m glad I did because I ended up delivering parts of it.

Similarly, was the health and safety office also trying to tell me something? Resigned to my cereal bar and a cuppa I returned back to my desk to find Miranda and the health and safety officer hovering. Turns out all he was trying to convey was that I was now in possession of a wrist rest for my keyboard and mouse. I was then pulled into a meeting with the Directors but was pleasantly surprised to find that MD Underwood’s mood had changed and the client meeting had actually gone better than expected, and my presentation skills weren’t as rusty as I thought!  I was given a brief on what to chase up and send over to the client’s PA, which brings me back to the current wait. (ting) Oh, it’s finally come through. Whew!

Got to go get that sorted before home time. TGIF! Oh wait. I’m a Non Exec PA who is working this weekend...oh well. At least it’s the last weekend until September. Hope you’ve got a more fun work-free weekend in store. 

Have fun for me!