The Secret PA is winning January

Published on: 19 Jan 2015

Hello Luvvies,

January is in full swing now, which means plenty of targets to be set, which means plenty of meeting minutes for me to take, (feels like a gym for my fingers). Everyone’s in great form though, it’s still a growing company and they smashed their targets last year. This year it looks like there will be plenty of exciting projects for me to work on as well as some amazing fashion events to attend. Wow! 

Only person who doesn’t seem to have started January on very good form is MD Underwood. I made the mistake of chiming something about whether or not he enjoyed his stay at the very last minute ski chalet I found for him.

“Acceptable,” he sneered back, without looking in my direction. Since then I’ve heard lots of gossip that he doesn’t really get on very well with his sister, her twins, or her Shih Poos (nice to know the efforts I made to accommodate them were really worthwhile then). I’m thinking that bruise he came in with wasn’t from a ski accident then. Wonder who the culprit was?