The Secret PA is Trumped by a Cat

Published on: 10 Feb 2015

Like many PAs, I also double up as a Social Media Manager for my company. Usually I see it as a fun part of my job but at the moment I would be hiding from the online world if I could, because the internet is plastered in the one thing I don’t want to think about at the moment: Love. It’s a nightmare. I try to tweet about a new Spring/Summer accessories line we’re launching, I’m flooded with updates from girls I haven’t seen for ten years about how they’re “so blessed”, I log into Pinterest to update our seasonal mood board, its suggesting I make DIY “love letter cookies”. Yuck!

What’s worse, Maverick caught me staring obsessively at the print out for that hotel in Hampshire, where I found out Curly Scarecrow will be spending Valentine’s weekend with someone else.

 “Who’s the lucky guy?” he teased.

I turned and saw him peering over my shoulder, with that expectant glow people have on their faces when they’re genuinely pleased for you.

“Nothing to do with me I'm afraid," I said, shoving the print out back into my pocket, "my only plans for Valentines night involve a sofa, Chinese takeaway and a box set of Downton Abbey.”

“Then welcome to the fold,” said Maverick, “my Valentine’s dinner will just be me and Mr Pickles this year.”

As he sauntered away, Prada shoes tapping on the parquet, I remembered Maverick telling me his cat is on a strict diet of smoked salmon, prawns and Parma ham only.

Yikes, I thought, even Mr Pickles is having a better Valentines dinner than me.

Suddenly I realised it didn’t have to be like this. Just because I wasn’t part of a sickeningly soppy couple didn’t mean I had to mope about feeling sorry for myself. I immediately picked up my phone and texted Whizz Girl, asking if she was free. As soon as I hit “send” I felt better. I imagined the two of us knocking back our favourite lavender margaritas and laughing the whole thing.

Less than two minutes later my phone buzzed on my desk. It was Whizz.

Thank God, I thought, swiping the unlock button like I was flinging open a door, she never lets me down. Then I read the message and my heart just sank.

Sorry Babes, I’d love to but I’m going away to Hampshire for the weekend, with a new guy on the scene.

Can’t wait to tell you all about it when I get back. Love Ya x x x