The Secret PA returns...

Written by: Secret PA
Published on: 9 Jun 2015

Hello! Remember me? Sorry for the prolonged absence – turns out that working two super demanding PA roles is more difficult than I first anticipated, especially with a few personal family issues to deal with myself.  I tell you, it's challenging enough organising someone else's life on daily basis, let alone also managing your own when things get a bit tough.

SECRETPA PLANE [square]I've spent the best half of my week managing the new summer interns whilst trying to organise M.D Underwood and Mrs Vader's summer hols. This year we've hired not one, but two fresh-faced, just-out-of-university interns to "assist with the smooth running of the company", with both reporting to yours truly. Don't get me wrong, it's been great to have the extra help, but it's certainly a new experience for me.

Saying that, it's given me the breathing space to research and book Underwood's 3 week family holiday. After much deliberation, I'm packing them off to Santorini in August; the last opportunity before the run-up to Fashion Week really hits. I'd like to say I'm looking forward to the breathing space but I know he'll be online from the beach. No rest for the wicked!

SECRETPA2 [square]Oh and whilst I'm here, I'm sure you're all keen to know how sickeningly loved-up Whizz Girl and Curly Scarecrow are? Well, despite my better judgement (owing to my incredibly stubborn nature – don't all PAs need one of those?), I've stuck at my part-time PA job working for Curly and can duly report that I've arranged several lunchtime flower deliveries and dinner dates for him and Whizz with optimum willingness and delight. Ok, ok, maybe not always with delight. But it is what it is, and I'm nothing if not professional...right?!

But I've now got the nauseating task of finding a "Sweethearts Retreat" (FYI - Curly Scarecrow's words, not mine) for the golden couples' 6 month anniversary coming up in August. Yes, you heard correctly – apparently celebrating half of a milestone is a 'thing' these days. Yippee!

Any suggestions guys? "Money is no object" apparently – which, although a pleasant change to M.D Underwood's strict holiday budgets, really doesn't give me much to work on.