The Secret Party-Planning PA

Published on: 27 Nov 2014

It’s almost time to host our ‘office-warming’. 

We’ve had some unusual dietary requests from the fashion crowd in response to our invites so my problem solving and negotiation skills have been put to the test.

We’ve chosen a healthy theme which includes health conscious cocktails and canapés. I had the pleasure of sampling said canapés and after all of our tea room meetings... I’m in need of a detox. My hips resemble the curvature of the Bon Maman jam jar that accompanies my cream scones!

As an early Christmas present to myself and following my crimsoned attempt at Zumba, I’ve booked proper grown up dance lessons which should make a fun alternative to pounding the treadmill. Even more entertaining will be the poor faces of the fiancés who have been dragged along by their partners in training for a spectacular first dance.

Amidst the chaos of supporting the event preparations, I’m on the hunt for a show-stopping outfit for the company’s Christmas party which, as you can imagine, is a very competitive affair. So far I’ve managed to resist sneaking off with one of the oodles of sample garments we receive in the post. Instead I’m tempted to ask some of these budding fashion designers if I could buy one of their designs and who knows, I might set a trend!

I’ll let you know how our office-warming goes and if I spot any famous faces in our new surroundings.