The Secret PA: Interviews!

Published on: 28 Nov 2019

The Secret PASo sorry for my absence, what a couple of weeks I’ve had! First off, let me fill you in on my interviews.

Despite being spectacularly nervous for what felt like my first interview in forever, I thought it went very well. The position was a Private PA for the CEO of a global fashion brand, which I felt qualified for (not to mention super interested in), due to my previous experience. When I arrived at their stunning offices in Mayfair, I was introduced to their lovely HR Manager who was to conduct my interview. As cliché as it is, she really put me at ease straight away, and I found it easy to answer her questions, relating my experiences to what she foresaw for the role. I left the interview feeling, and I don’t mind admitting, like I’d absolutely smashed it.

So that was on Monday, and I had an interview to be the EA to the directors of a global consultancy the next day. Geed up from my experience the day before, I perhaps anticipated my own downfall. First of all, I had to go down the most horrible, scary alleyway to get to the office. I was truly fearing for my life, but when I actually entered the building, I was greeted by a friendly receptionist who led me through to one of their plush meeting rooms. This, however, is where the good experience ended. I received a grilling from the EA Manager, who tried to insinuate I was in no way qualified for the position, dredging up past experience that I have long since improved upon, all the while not allowing me to get a word in edgeways. After she left, the HR Manager came and tried to turn things around, saying I’d done really well coping with the bad introduction – apparently it was a test that I’d past with flying colours?! I’m truly not about this kind of interview technique. It definitely didn’t seem like the kind of culture I want to work in.

Whilst job searching can be tiring and demoralising at times, you have to remember to look out for yourself in the process, and remember that employers are just as desperate to hire as you are desperate for a job (if not more in many cases!). You definitely hold the cards – if not all of them, at least half of the deck.

Anyway, interview three. This one was just perfect. It was another Private PA position, this time for a UHNWI. I met straight away with the man for whom I’d be working, which was a great sign. He seemed kind, and like he was utterly unaware of the multi-million pound empire upon which he was sitting. He’d just had a child and was finding it hard to manage that and his hectic lifestyle, appearing at various conventions, liaising with the companies in which he had investments etc. We had a really good chat about where I could fit in, what I could offer, and I left feeling positive; like this one was The One.

And so now we wait! I really hope I hear soon. I think if I received offers from all three, I would go with the third interview – it just felt right, you know? Fingers crossed!

Oh also - update on Patty: she’s improving as each day goes by, and has even redownloaded Tinder (‘for the ego boost’) and set up a Hinge account (‘to see what all the fuss is about’). She’s going to be just fine I reckon…