Secret PA has some news...

Written by: Secret PA
Published on: 28 Aug 2015

Secret PA Engagement Ring [square]So this week, something crazy happened…

Curly and Whizz got engaged.

Yup. He got down on one knee, in Venice, on the very gondola that I had booked for them. Oh, the irony.

I nearly choked on my Pret sandwich when Whizz rang me screaming and crying at the start of the week. 6 months and they're engaged. 6 months!

I guess it explains his erratic behaviour last week; the 3 hour-long disappearances, the demanding emails and the mood swings. I should have known!

If I wasn't already thinking about packing this non-exec role in, I am definitely doing so now. For a start, I can't get my head around working for my friend's fiancée / husband. I've already been informed by Curly that I have an engagement party to organise for them. What comes after that? Picking up their dry-cleaning? Doing the school run for them? I'm going to become my best friend's PA, as well as her husband's.

Of course, it would be unfair of me to hand my notice in now – the love birds are positively glowing, and who am I to ruin that? I'll have to hang fire until after the engagement party and then make my final decision.

So guys, anyone know of any good Central London venues perfect for Engagement Parties?