The Secret PA goes to Hamburg

Published on: 12 Dec 2014

Apologies for the delayed blog post, I’ve been so busy...keeping fed and watered on gluwein and bratwurst! Yes, as my boss reminded me that my outstanding holiday allowance wouldn’t roll over into the New Year, I decided to book a last minute getaway to Hamburg.

The city is certainly understated as it makes a perfect winter city break destination for those of us who can’t ski to save our lives. Touring the Christmas markets, I bought some unique gifts with no socks and sandals in sight.

The short escape is exactly the break I needed following our successful office-warming gathering. Sadly no famous faces; I guess Mrs Beckham couldn’t find a babysitter for her brood that evening.

Nevertheless we had a bar packed with fashion’s finest PR officers, both in-house and agency, so I’m hopeful that we’ll do a lot of business with our new neighbours.