The Secret PA : Day 995

Published on: 26 Nov 2013

Trimmings – in and out of the office

I mean that literally but let’s say some of the trimmings aren’t festive and sparkly but rather more representative of the chill on the air reminding us that the time for gingerbread lattes, ear muffs and present buying panic is upon us. 

My resolve to wait until December to put up the tree, buy mince pies and update my Christmas playlist has been weakened by the stress at work which has compelled me to be kinder to myself, a sort of reward if you like for getting myself well and truly back on the market!   

It’s easy to update a CV but a bit more challenging to refresh and refine it. When you’re tailoring it for different jobs you’re applying for it’s not a ten minute task. I’ve also uploaded my CV to SecsintheCity and I’ve already had three calls from recruiters that I’m meeting this week. I’ve also helped Whiz Girl with her CV but she leaves sooner than me, 2 weeks today. I finish the week of the 20th and then it’s gardening leave/Christmas holidays so I need to find something soonish so I have a job in the New Year.

I’ve got two more gigs, the office Christmas party and a fair bit of admin briefing and processes to handover. I’ve also got my final Christmas shop to do for Scarlet and Tie Max. I’ve also got Christmas e-cards to send out and a few other meetings and conference calls with the bosses and key clients as well as a client Christmas party as the PAs are invited along with their bosses. Suddenly it does seem like a lot I’ve got to fit in to less than four weeks. Eeeek!

Whiz Girl and I did the office tree last week and I even did my home one to cheer me up. I’ve grown really fond of this place and Whiz Girl and she’s done a brilliant job so it’s a shame it’s coming to an end but that’s life so I can’t get emotional about work stuff.

Anyway, I’ve got to dash. Got my annual (and final) appraisal with Scarlet in 20 minutes so going to grab a gingerbread latte and print off required paperwork etc.

Wish me luck!