The Secret PA : Day 972

Published on: 25 Oct 2013

So, as it turns out LA Liz wasn’t trying to slip into my shoes one foot at a time but is actually being handed a new pair. Let me rewind to the week before…..

“I wonder what this meeting is about…”

 “No idea”

 “Do you think they’re moving more of us to Manchester?”

 “My guess is as good as yours, even though I can see you’re not convinced”

 “Should I be worried?”

 “I wouldn’t know (phone starts buzzing) Sorry, I have to get that. (In my head I’m thinking ‘saved by the bell”)

 I really was as clueless as everyone else, which was what I suddenly realised was slightly alarming for me as I’m also the official confidante of the bosses so I’m surprised that Scarlet hasn’t trusted me with this. It had to be something big. I spent the rest of the day feeling on edge and it felt like the longest day I’ve had in this office....and I certainly wasn’t prepared for what was to come…..

 The next day….

We’re all on the main floor. It’s so quiet I can hear the traffic outside and the sound of someone breathing. My mind wanders about until it stumbled on the panic button! Which is actually Scarlet in a red dress walking in with Tie Max and Mr T in Tow.

 And then it came….the announcement of the acquisition. Scarlet and Pepper had decided to sell the company to Mr. T but retain a small share but would no longer be involved in the running of it. To be fair there really was no heir apparent as Scarecrow really isn’t even half a chip off the Scarlet block. Of course when they broke the news some floodgates did too.  For some it was the financial worry, for others I think it was just the shock, thinking what it meant for them.

Some will be retained but many will be moving on….where does that leave me? I’m not sure yet….negotiations are underway and everyone has been quite mature and professional about everything ….but I’ll keep you posted.

 #stressed  #anxiety