The Secret PA: Day 1187

Published on: 1 Aug 2014

I’m sure it’s happened to everyone at some point and maybe some of us have done it too! But I really don’t get why people pick up their phone when they can’t talk.

So let’s see... this month alone I’ve had, I kid you not.   

·    “I’m at the hairdresser’s getting my hair washed, can I ring you back later?”

·    “I’m in a meeting with clients”

·    “I’m having a bikini wax so really can’t chat hun. Laters”

·    “Not a good time. Got my hands full (child wailing in the background and sound of things clattering in the background)”

·    “I’m having a massage, can I ring you when I’m back in the office tomorrow?” – Why do you even have your phone with you when you’re supposed to be switching off? Hmm...maybe she’s Scarlet’s doppelganger!

·    “I’m driving (cars honking) so can’t really talk”

And as if that wasn’t awkward enough, there was the recent Tinder episode. Apparently one of the photographers went on a date with someone he met on Tinder and was bragging about it when Maverick walked past and it somehow transpired that it was Maverick’s ex.... 

On the more work worthy front it’s been a week of technical hurdles, to say the least.  The intern’s laptop crashed and only some work was saved. Miranda smashed her phone so I was on point to get that sorted. Then we had an issue with the glossy photo printer. And then the email server went down so we had issues with our emails as a result of which a few wires got crossed leading to a few not so happy clients but I managed to complete mission ‘damage control’ relatively unscathed.  It’s been a hectic week and we’ve been working overtime and everyone’s looking forward to a lie in. Except me of course. I’ve got to be out the door at silly o’clock tomorrow for my other job but fortunately it’s only for a couple of hours and then I have the rest of the weekend to myself. I think a massage would be well deserved (I’ll even have my phone switched off), don’t you think?

Anyway, I’ve got to get back to work – my refuelling mini break is over. Not long before beer o’clock though, thank goodness!

Have a lovely weekend all xxx