The Secret PA: Day 1182

Published on: 24 Jul 2014

Sorry I’ve been a bit off the radar. Between the sunburn, a cross boss and an impromptu beer bath it’s not been my favourite couple of weeks.  Between all of that and an Italian Fashion exhibition, and an up and coming new fashion business walking through our doors it’s a wonder I haven’t lost the plot.

What was and still is far more painful and unpleasant is the awful sunburn I’ve ended up with. I’ve been out and about a fair bit this week and was a bit lax with topping up on sun block. Still, it’s been an interesting week. I really enjoyed the Italian fashion exhibition, which I was sent to for ‘research’. Less enjoyable was having half a pint of lager splashed down the side of my dress at the pub where I was watching the World Cup Final with the Scarecrow and Co. Beer on sunburnt skin is NOT cooling at all.....

The all time lowlight though was a very expensive choice of fabric purchased by an intern in the art department (to be fair she was sent off with a fabric spec, not a budget!) but being something that couldn’t be returned Maverick was not happy, to say the least. To make matters worse he also got dumped (apparently! – You didn’t hear that from me). So let’s just say he’s been a bit more than a little temperamental. And he was betting on Brazil, while MD Underwood had his money on Germany. He was quite generous though and mid week beers were on him but that didn’t seem to do much to lift Maverick’s spirits, or get him to unwind a bit. I think I’m the only one who actually saw the saddish side of him. To everyone else he was just being a bit more ferocious and short fused than usual. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him go through a packs of ultra slims that quick...or look so tired.

And then on the other end of the spectrum is Miranda with her bold bright florals, with nails and lipstick to match. She seems to be warming to me, and was happy with some new suppliers I found on Twitter…and, wait for it, the new client I got on board. It was purely by chance. Still, I’m playing it safe, as I always do. I was quite amazed the other day to discover an email from a new sales person in her inbox that led me to believe she was on a mission to get fired. The boss hadn’t read it herself and I conveyed the key bits of information (facts only) to the boss and replied on her behalf. I felt like I had just gone from gatekeeper to peace keeper. 

In other news there was a farewell speech made by one of the girls from HR who was moving on to a Fashion Magazine. “Thank you Pete for turning me into a gambler, I’ve earned a few quid off my world cup bets thanks to him; thank you Shelley for introducing me to bingo, I am now officially addicted; and Lauren, I’m going to miss hearing you ask Chloe at the end of each work day, ‘you getting the Piccadilly?’ And Chloe saying ‘yes’ in the same nonchalant tone every day”. It amused some, and there were ripples of laughter making their way across the floor before she left to start early on the leaving drinks with a few of the girls on her team.

I only ended up going for one because I had an early start at my ‘Non Exec PA’ job. Needless to say I was pleasantly surprised to discover that working this weekend actually meant a few hours of work and more than ‘eine klein pint’ on the Scarecrow’s credit card at a sports bar in the West End. The lady boss is on this ridiculous ‘starvation’ Cambridge diet so was the only one in the pub drinking some strange pink liquid disguised in a beer bottle. She’s lost a fair bit but I don’t think I could survive on 400 calories a day!! My brain would not function.

In other news, I have booked my summer holiday and believe it or not I have this weekend off. It’s going to be 30 degrees so I’m going to Brighton with the girls overnight. Wheee! I need it after working 3 weekends straight. 

Ooops, got to run. There comes the client for our lunch meeting with the bosses. Enjoy the rest of your week and have a lovely weekend. Happy BBQing?