The Secret PA : Day 1165

Published on: 3 Jul 2014

If only there was such a thing as stockpiling sleep. There isn’t of course which is why I probably look and feel the way I do. And it’s only been a week! I had the weekend before to relax but with Ascot, a hen do and one too many G&Ts I didn’t quite manage to have enough sleep to ensure I wouldn’t run out of steam by the weekend. 

 So by the time the next weekend came round and I was done with my first day of work in my newly acquired part –time “non exec” PA role I was practically sleep walking home.  For someone who doesn’t really drink espressos to shoot back 4 in a 4 hour work day you’ve got to be desperate. Surprisingly I survived and it went better than I thought.

 Being the first day I had expected it to be a relatively easy one work wise. Little did I know I’d be delivering a presentation at the end of it and taking work home with me ahead of the week after (I’m getting paid by the hour of course which is good).

I know you’re probably wondering what the new bosses are like. It’s like anti-aging meets colonic meets organic something or other. If I felt out of shape 2 weeks ago, now I feel like the protagonist in the out-of-shapers sitcom. Ok, I’m exaggerating, but the lady boss is 40+ but doesn’t look a day over 35. As for the Scarecrow, who knew he was such a health nut! It’s like he went travelling and came back a completely different person.

 Work has been hectic and the rain the other day didn’t make it any easier. A photo shoot cut short, a Prima Donna girl, a frazzled Maverick en route to Dolly Parton, and a conference call gone wrong served up the perfect measure of stress, chaos and mud splatters to make me pinch myself in the hope it was all a very bad nightmare. The client changed their number and didn’t let us know (note to self: double check this well in advance of the call even if you have spoken to the client 100 times!), and the model who was hired for the shoot got into a big flap because she got splashed getting into the taxi. I had the photographer and art editor with me but I was kindly handed the task of ‘looking after her’.

 And then Maverick ended up getting stuck in traffic on the way to Dolly Parton (why would you attempt to drive there in the first place at rush hour!) so I had to go rescue him and drive his car back to his house while he took the tube. Not one for taking the tube under normal circumstances he was having a bit of a …erm…tantrum!? And then to top it all I had my credit-card nicked from my purse by someone who saw me punch the number in a bar. You know, just your average week. Nothing much. That’s all.

 Never a dull moment.  How’s your week been so far?

 Speak soon xx