The Secret PA : Day 1156

Published on: 20 Jun 2014

So, you know how some Directors work for two companies, one as a Director and others in an advisory capacity as a non-exec director. Well it was while sending out the minutes of a meeting attended by a client and one of their non-execs that got me thinking about the offer in a new light….as a sort of PA equivalent of a non-exec director. Of course I wasn’t entirely sure if that was something that would breach the terms of my contract here but figured I might as well ask.

I finally summed up the courage to speak to HR and I was pleasantly surprised to learn that I could actually do it as long as it wasn’t a conflict of interest. The fact that it was a very hands on project role in a completely different sector I got the green light so after much deliberation and a number of emails back and forth, and even a perks negotiation I decided to take the job. ‘Non-exec PA’. I know it’s not a real job title but I think it’s got a nice ring to it don’t you?

What’s also got a great ring to it is the perks – which include a free weekly yoga session (one of the partners is married to a yoga instructor). I start next weekend so this could be my last guaranteed Saturday of freedom for a while…. Officially World Gin Day may have been last week but there’s no reason why I can’t have my own unofficial gin day….not that one really needs an excuse to be G&Ting to be fair.

I’m excited and nervous about this part-time job but I think it’ll be good experience. While I do know him, I don’t really know the other two partners so it’s going to be a bit of a juggling act, although I think I can swing that after years supporting multiple bosses. Let’s just hope that they aren’t overly OTT!

I’ve also opted to cave in for the summer but I’m struggling with this new diet. The reward is Monaco with the girls in July but it’s hard when you have some guys on the floor who can eat a tube of Pringles a day, *crunch*, *crunch* *crunch* (Yes, I’m in agony and these nuts don’t really cut it). I’m waiting for pay day to book it because we’re all a bit skint with a mate’s hen do this weekend. We’ve booked the flights but we need to book the accommodation so the holiday is nearly all sorted. Unlike last week I managed to make it through this week unscathed, with the exception of soya sauce on my keyboard and a sparkling water mini spray (which thank fully happened outside the office). It’s been a busy week but relatively calm with only 2 late ones this week.

Of course there’s been much excitement in the office – yep, it’s not just Twitter and the rest of the world that have gone world cup mad – with a sweepstakes of sorts doing the rounds. It was a luck of the draw though, I got Spain and let’s say that Friday’s defeat has kind of crushed my hopes of a reasonable top up to my holiday fund. Didn’t see that coming after last year. Maybe Netherlands will take the cup? Or Brazil? I’m putting my money on Brazil.

Oh and did I mention that the client’s co-director had to cancel Ascot which means I get to go! The client is bringing his PA so it could be quite a fun outing. Of course there will be a bit of business banter but it’s an excuse to wear the hat and pearls I inherited from my nan recently. Definitely a step up from the usual pre-arrival-at-the-silver-ring-picnic Prosecco and Pimms.

So, what’s everyone else up to this weekend? Anyone one else Ginning this weekend?