The Secret PA : Day 1147

Published on: 6 Jun 2014

As you may have suspected I’m still sitting on the fence about working for the Curly Scarecrow, especially after being made quite aware of his newly single status and the fact that he actually seems to have ‘grown up’. I don’t know if it’s the older ex wife and the divorce or the fact that he’s now a business owner. That aside I think it would be a good opportunity to earn a few extra bob which would increase my holiday allowance in Monaco with the girls but of course that’s not the real reason ;)

To be honest I think it would be good experience on my CV given that it will involve a fair bit of hands on project management and research, and a lot of ad-hoc bits and pieces given that it’s a start up.The other advantage is that I know him so it’ll be easier to pre-empt his needs. I have a bit more time to think about it but I do need to make a decision. Taking it would mean giving up half a Saturday now and again (so he says but I suspect it’ll be more like ‘now and again and again’).

The other decision is which camp to join at the office. Do I join the ‘let’s eat cake because it makes me happy’ team or the ‘let’s see who can survive on the fewest calories’ brigade. I did sway very heavily towards team ‘cake’ because of a certain Red Velvet cake. It’s my all time favourite but I swear this one could give hummingbird a run for their money. I kid you not. Meet the Finance team’s resident baker, TJ. He’s like the London male edition of Betty Crocker bakery goddess of the American Dream meets Delia Smith. 

Decisions, decisions, decisions…I was so wrapped up in my thoughts that I didn’t even see where I was walking and seconds later there I was….drenched in miso soup, seasweed in my hair and no lunch. Oh and a nice big blister on the peeping toes that got splashed with the soup. Not surprisingly I was in a brand new cream and blue dress which now looked like it has been used to mop the floor. I rushed back to the office, and just as I was skulking towards the ladies who do I run into? Not just one of the bosses but all three! If I wasn’t so mortified I’d probably have seen the humour in it. Maverick’s face was a picture. He looked stunned and horrified at the same time while the other two just raised an eyebrow, egging me to explain my dishevelled look *cringe*.

This is the point at which I’m thinking ‘is it Friday yet?!’ but the fact that it is doesn’t do much to lift my mood and something tells me it’s all going south from here…hopefully I’ll survive these next few hours with some trace of dignity. Note to self: Always keep a spare work outfit in desk drawer. I always do it when travelling so I don’t know why I didn’t think to do the same here. Oh well, I guess you live and learn. I’m going to get a tea and get back to checking some schedules. Hopefully it’ll soon be wine o’clock.

Speak soon xx