The Secret PA : Day 1142

Published on: 30 May 2014

How’s everyone’s week been? Sorry I’ve been AWOL ….it’s just been a bit crazy here with the 5 day weeks crammed into 4, the influx of emails from grads looking for a summer placement and some hoping to find a job here once they finish. I’m the chosen one to give the emails and CVs a once a over before forwarding on. They’ve given me a spec of requirements for interns but I haven’t done a lot of recruitment stuff in past jobs. But that’s the thing when you join a new company … you have to get stuck in and that really means sticking your hands into a lot of different pies. Another feather in the hat, so to say.

Speaking of which, we’re going to Ascot to do a shoot and as you would guess there are a fair few hats and fascinators involved. What’s even better is that the boss has got a few tickets for the Royal Enclosure and if the client drops out at the last minute I might get to go with the boss. It’ll be nice to drink posh champagne as opposed to the pre-arrival-at-the-silver-ring-picnic Prosecco and Pimms, which is what I‘ve done with my mates a couple of times.

I started off as a PA in Music, then Finance and now Fashion and I’ve had various aspects of PR/Marketing, Finance, Project Management and now HR woven into the my job description with a thread that I think is often invisible to those who I don’t work with directly. SecsintheCity’s tweet quoting Lucy Brazier at their event yesterday: “Some companies don't really understand what PAs do. Some see it as something halfway between Mad Men and Dolly Parton" was pretty spot on for this place. One of the girls in the Art department seemed taken aback to learn what I actually do, in the pub last week.

In other news, I think the Butterfly effect’s waning……or the butterflies are simply cocooning (I do feel like things are moving backwards with Dr.L). Oh, I almost forgot. So that call I got from the Curly Scarecrow last week. Well, apparently he has decided to set up a company with two others and they need a part time PA for a few hours a week. Hmmm…. 2 jobs? Not sure I’ll be able to swing it but then again, I could use the extra dosh for my holiday which is still TBC. What do you reckon? Should I take it on?

I’m going to have a think this weekend and let him know next week. Not sure if it’s a good idea or a really bad one. Oh and another thing. He’s also back on the…. Market (ahem!) Hmmm…

Anyway, I need to pop out for a bite before my weekly meeting with the bosses but I’ll update you all soon.