The Secret PA : Day 1127

Published on: 9 May 2014

I guess you can’t really complain about working on a weekend if means lunching on the Champs-Élysées (who said there’s no such thing as a free lunch? Ok, maybe not free but it was for me since it was paid by the company), even if it is dainty forkfuls of posh food in between minute-taking and tablet power point slide changing. It was a tense meeting but it went well because they seemed keen to work with us. I actually sent of the proposals for the bosses today and we have a call with them next week, so we’ll see.

International expansion plans are underway this month and the bosses are meeting with clients in Madrid and Frankfurt over the next few weeks so I’ve been busy with travel planning and logistics this week, in addition to everything else including training a new intern on a 3 week placement.

She’s nothing like Whiz Girl…... I’m convinced that she hasn’t quite grasped the concept of ‘get stuck in’…She seems to think it means being absorbed in Fashion magazines and YouTube videos…..and the ladies room! She rang me the other day because the lock had jammed and she couldn’t get the door open so I had to find someone to assist in the midst of the coffee run and collecting some promotional merchandise.

Back in the office I was relieved to find the intern back at her desk looking very blasé and filing invoices. I would have said that it was being done without asking but apparently one of the bosses had asked her to. I find it quite astonishing to see the lack of initiative, especially since it’s still a tough job market out there. I remember squeezing as much out of my work placements as I could and I have to say it’s paid off. Oh well, what can you do?

I’m looking forward to this weekend, and a nice long lie in followed by a friend’s wedding and another lie in before it’s Monday and I do it all over again. Still, tiring and taxing as it can be, I am really enjoying the job, and I’ve had the opportunity to help out a fair bit with shoots and promos which is a bit different from the events I did at my Music job. I’ve settled in reasonably well, and I have to say that there’s always interesting pieces of gossip and banter wafting through the office that really do make me do a double take sometimes. I just heard someone saying they spent £75 on getting their nails done the other day… and then there was a full on debate in the art and design department about a certain celebrity and her various divorces and of course everyone had an opinion. And there’s always the trash telly banter – If you miss an episode you pretty much just need to hover a few minutes longer in the ladies at lunch.

Never a dull moment. Oh, there’s my phone….and it’s….the Curly Scarecrow?!! Blast from the past. What could he possibly want?!