The Secret PA : Day 1123

Published on: 2 May 2014

When he said something about mud pie I swear I was thinking ‘Mississippi Mud Pie’ and a rich Ruby port. I couldn’t have been further off the page. When I signed up to a walk in the peak district with Dante (the mud loving chocolate brown Labrador belonging to Dr.L) I hadn’t anticipated a mud bath. It had rained a lot and by the time we decided to make tracks for the pub I had muddy paw prints down the front of my black skinny jeans, leaves stuck in my hair and my yellow walking boots looked like they’d been through Muddicane Marilyn. I do like nature but I’m a city girl whose threshold for bonding with the outdoors ends at Glastonbury! 

Of course I put on a brave face but I think he saw through it…at least he said I was a sport. Hopefully this will be the last of this type of misadventure with him…

Anyway, after that mud fest was a bit off mud but as luck would have it mud wasn’t off me. I returned to work after the weekend to find myself in a different sort of Green…with a different sort of mud. We were doing a promotional shoot for a new range made from natural handmade fabrics in earthy hues and the models had to have splashes of mud packs for effect. There I was, in the greenroom surrounded by mud! 

So, as you can imagine, I was on top of the moon when the boss said I needed to come along with them to an evening event where it was all about Merlot, Margheritas and Ice Cream couture – Topic ‘Henry Holland meets Magnum’ was making it’s way round the room faster than I could say Michael Kors. 

And then of course there was the general ‘oh-no-ing’…about the bad luck of Chanel and Dior…and of course everyone had their own conspiracy theory about the robberies because they were only a few days apart. 

Aside from that it’s been a week of admin, admin and more admin. Expenses, expenses and more expenses. The joys of month end. Well at least we’ve got a four day week next week. Oh wait, that we doesn’t include me. I’ve got to go to Paris for the day with the bosses for a meeting…and we’ll only be lunching on the Champs-Elysees. As you do. It’s work though so I don’t really think I’ll be gallivanting round my favourite parts of the City…but the Louis Vuitton showroom is not far from where we’re lunching and I think the bosses won’t mind me popping in for ‘Networking’ and ‘Market research…you know ;)

Anyway, I’ve got to run. Need to go get these expenses signed off and take them over to Finance.