The Secret PA : Day 1119

Published on: 25 Apr 2014

Lepidopterologist…or a biologist with expertise in Butterflies to us non biologists. Who’d have thought that would be one of the instigators of the butterfly effect in my life this week. 

The first was the unfolding (or rather folding up) of events at the office as a result of last week’s episode. A photo shoot had to be folded because the Model who broke out in hives refused to shoot here but only said so at the last minute. This had a ripple effect which sent me into a frenzy of calling, booking, rescheduling because I had to find a studio, a slot when it was available, reschedule the photographer and Miranda’s diary; and of course the model’s; re-book the props and lighting, makeup artist and other essentials. Eventually I managed to sort it in time (or well in advance of Miranda reaching her patience threshold so I was lucky).  

Next was the Easter egg overdose (not the chocolate but the alcohol type – Shots in egg cups!) as a result of which I was feeling rough on Monday. So a call from the boss (on my day off) to speak to the client and then organise a mailer to everyone who registered for this week’s event to say it was being bumped. Fortunately I had my work laptop with me though not my work head. Being stressed and hungover is a lethal mix and the train back to London that evening was painful to say the least. 

And now for the main event….I was at Easter Party number 2 and who should walk in but my sixth form crush. Recently back from Luxembourg and bearer of the title Lepidopterologist. All of a sudden he had fast forwarded into present day crush and my stomach had butterflies, dolphins and even a few kangaroos jumping around in side when he started walking towards me. I didn’t even think he’d remember me but much to my horror he did (even my clumsy episode where I fell over and scratched my glasses! *mega cringe*). Things just spiralled over the next few hours and by the time I left the party I was high on more than just the booze….and I also committed to a visit to his lab to see his work and a day out in the country, camping! I don’t really do camping. I’m just not a camping kind of girl. Why did I agree? I’m not entirely sure. I’m having a flashback of that episode of Sex and the City with Carrie in dungarees and wellies, covered in mud. Of course it won’t be as bad, right?   

This weekend is going to be an interesting one….Wish me luck (and no muck!)