The Secret PA : Day 1114

Published on: 17 Apr 2014

Two four day weeks, two Easter eggs and even two invitations to an Easter egg hunt; not the sort you had as a child, this is the kind where pub crawl meets shots in egg cups and the donning of bunny ears isn’t optional.

A boozy bunny hop?

Downside of a four day week: your day is pretty much bursting at the seams
Downside of two Easter eggs: a chocolate overdose  Ee3

Downside of two parties back to back : the potential two day hangover and inevitable  (albeit resentful) gratitude to the person who got you milk thistle for Secret Santa.

I am quite looking forward to the break though and seeing my folks. It’s been a while since I saw them, or my mates back home for that matter. And of course there’s mum’s home made hot cross buns.

On the work front aside from loving the new job and learning loads about the inner workings of Fashion PR it’s been relatively uneventful. Oh wait, I take that back. How could I forget the calamari calamity! We had a crisis situation when one of the models for the PR shoot we were doing (whom we did not know was so severely allergic to seafood!) broke out in hives after the whiff of someone’s lunch wafted across the floor.

After that, the sight of two Easter eggs on my desk, one for me and one courtesy of one of the girls who’s allergic to chocolate and I happened to have coincidently befriended. I swear, I did not pre-empt the extra chocolate Easter egg. When I was at the City finance firm I missed the freebies which were often the day’s highlight when I was working for Scarlet and Pepper. Working in PR isn’t what I thought it was. It’s more and even better! It’s a lot of hard work though and events means a lot of late nights and weekends, which will be more frequent come May.

 I’ve got a white fence prop to collect before noon for a shoot this afternoon so I’ve got to leg it!

Have a lovely weekend and Happy Easter all