The Secret PA : Day 1109

Published on: 11 Apr 2014

“Oh my dayz! I’m going to need a facial and a detox now and I’m never going to get one at such short notice”. Sound of crisp steps on the smooth shiny black floor. I look up to find Maverick walking towards me. He doesn’t look up until he’s towering above me, as I’m sat behind my screen. “I need you to sweet talk Maxine into squeezing me in this weekend. It’s an emergency, as you can see. This smog has made me age ten years in two days, I’m a shambles (he’s actually not, the only difference I can see is someone who’s stressed and tired). I’m going to be pretty hacked off if she can’t with this event round the corner”. I agree to get on it right away, even though I’m still trying to come to terms with the fact that I work for a Director who spends more time reading beauty and fashion magazines than me and seems to take better care of his skin than I do. “Ta”. He walks off.  

I finally manage to get him an appointment after a lot of persuasion and pulling the trump card (a pass for an upcoming launch that Maverick said I could use to sweeten the spa therapist if it got desperate. That’s not bribery though; it would be if we were trying to make money from them. Sorry, just had a nerdy déjà vous moment. We had to do this Bribery Act training when I was with Scarlet and Pepper and I was just reminded of it.

Divadom is not limited to the confines of Maverick’s office though. I passed the reception desk to hear the two receptionist’s whinging about bad hair, hello!? They clearly don’t know what a bad hair day is….and if she thinks that’s a bad hair day then I should be kicking up daisies. As I head towards the exit to go get lunch, passing the art department on my way where one of the girls is waving her perfectly manicured nails in front of a small desk to dry the fresh coat of polish, deeply engaged in a conversation with two others about whether or not that is the right shade for her.

I finally manage to get out the door, grab a sandwich and make it back relatively sane but not feeling so good. I can really feel the pollution today and it’s really irritating my throat. Anyway, I’m sat there sorting out some props for an upcoming event (the first at this job) when Maverick shows up in ‘dire need of’ a skinny soya caramel macchiato, and a request to feed his cat while he is at a launch party this evening.

Still, I like the place, some of the people seem nice enough and I have a few exciting projects to work on so I can’t complain. I have to say this job, though it’s longer hours and sometimes more stressful than the last one, it’s the right one for me.

Oh, there’s Miranda. Not sure what she wants but she looks like she’s in a bit of a flap. Did I say she’s also heading towards me.


Anyway, have a lovely weekend all xx