The Secret PA : Day 1104

Published on: 28 Mar 2014

When they say history repeats itself they weren’t kidding. Not only am I back in the West End but once again have the word ‘Boss’ in triplicate in my job description.

It’s only been a week, so I’m still feeling my way through the wardrobes and dreams of the three new Directors I’m working for, and something tells me it could take a while. Especially given the succinct style of instruction from the Spacey lookalike who’s running the show. I wouldn’t have thought a London silver fox, with a Maseratti, a penchant for Italian footwear; and an unmistakeable doppelganger of Frank Underwood, as being a boss I’d actually be intimidated by. But I am. He’s a man of few words….but clearly many cards in this house. MD Underwood… hmm. I think that’s got the right ring to it. He drinks black coffee, eats sushi for lunch, only smokes cigars and used to be a radio DJ in his heyday (apparently).

And then there’s Maverick. He’s stunning, camp, tall and immaculately dressed. In stark contrast is the Miranda Priestly of the board, who bears no resemblance to her whatsoever. About 5 foot 9 in her 4 inch heels, thin framed glasses, blue eyes that have something fierce yet approachable about them, a firm hand shake and looks at least a decade younger. Something tells me she’d be a good mentor, especially since she started out her career as a PA and then 30 years later, Voila!

As with any new job it’s been a bit of a walk on eggshells, with everything being unfamiliar. My desk is outside the Directors’ offices and gives me a good view of the floor, which is good. I also have a direct line of vision to the receptionist desk, which I think she feels a bit uncomfortable about as every time I look up she sort of swivels her chair so she’s half hidden behind the sculpture. She’s new too; I think she’s been here about 3 months. The company itself is still relatively young, so comes with its own set of challenges, such as mood boards with big red circles and question marks, and searches for swatches in the summer rain. Oh and you’re not going to believe this. Maverick has a cat, who much like him is a bit of a diva.

At first feel, I’ve classified colleagues into three boxes. The potential friends to fill me in on the more intricate dynamics of the office , those I should keep at arms length arms with a smile on my face, and those that I should avoid at all costs. That’s just the first sifting, I think there is likely to be a reshuffle once I get to know people better…and I’m hoping that there are more in the first box than the third box at the end. Still, I have to say it’s been an interesting and exciting week and something tells me that I’m going to like it here…

I’ve got to finish up a few emails and catch up with the big boss before wrapping up. I’m going to get a drink with Whiz Girl to see how she’s faring in her job but have a fab weekend all!