The Secret PA – Day 1089

Published on: 7 Mar 2014

I got the job!! Just when I was starting to feel like Hotel California was on repeat in my head for 5.30pm every weekday. Today it’s been ousted by Go West, which probably has something to do with the new job back in the West End. Guess I’m really having a blast from the past: 80s tunes in my head, relocating to my old neighbourhood…and an email from…ahem! Banker Guy. And I posted something about the new job on my LinkedIn and he liked it. Weird.  

Did I mention this new job is with a Fashion company? Pretty cool huh? ;) I’m glad I went to London Fashion Week, because they did ask about it, and as it turns out the person interviewing me had was there too and tweeting, and had seen some of my tweets, and me! Just goes to show that employers really do check you out on social media; and it’s not just clever marketers who are using it. I’ve always found it great work wise too for networking and finding stuff that is a bit out-of-the-ordinary.

I’m so glad it’s Friday. It’s been a pretty hectic week but as I’m a temp I only have to give a week’s notice. On the plus side I get to start a great job sooner, on the downside I have a week to strike stuff off my to-do list and write my handover notes. My workload did increase considerably over the last month, especially when the other PA was off sick, so to clear the misconceptions about being a temp, it doesn’t necessitate less responsibility. It just takes a while to gain credibility and build a rapport, but then that’s the case with any new job.

I handed in my notice as soon as I got the contract, and the news somehow managed to reach the far end of the office to the ears of Mr. Valentine….who came round to ask me about it. I haven’t really spoken to him since that non-date as there were murmurs and I didn’t want them to turn into rumours. Now that I’m leaving though, he did deem it appropriate to ask if I’d go out to celebrate my new job, at the weekend. I suppose if I agreed for the following weekend it wouldn’t be breaking my rule, even if it is a date as after next Friday we won’t be co-workers anymore….hmmm. there’s a thought. I bought myself time by saying I may have to work the odd weekend so I’ll let him know.

I’ve got to catch up with the boss to run through a few things I need to tie up next week before I leave but have a lovely weekend all.

Wish me luck for my final week! I’m normally good at focusing but I have to say I am a wee bit ecstatic about my new job. Catching up with Whiz Girl after work, to reacquaint myself with my old neighbourhood and get the lowdown on her office gossip! ;)