The Secret PA : Day 1084

Published on: 28 Feb 2014

So, I’ve …wait for it….got an interview next week, and it’s right up my street, literally. It’s in Media and it’s near my old office. It’s been hard to fit in with the corporate look and the satire that streams through the cubicles of this banking corp. Of course I have met many nice people and I made friends with one of the newer traders on the floor and she gave me a few insights. Never really thought of investing in stocks but I suppose as I have finally managed to start saving the next move would be to invest it, and I hadn’t a clue. So I’ve definitely learnt a few things on this job.

As for Mr. Valentine, I declined a date but I did agree to ‘grab a quick s/w and chai latte’ at lunch – I wouldn’t call that a date but as it turns out there are some who would. And boy does the word get around. Oh well, I suppose people will move onto something more interesting when they realise there’s nothing there and today’s gossip is tomorrow’s history. I’ve been doing a bit of reading up on ‘leadership skills’, found some books in the bosses office which he said I was welcome to borrow. I may not be a boss but if I have to manage others I think it’s a valuable skill set. Even if you don’t though it’s definitely a good way to do your job better.

By the way, has anyone managed to glimpse the Northern lights or Aurora Borealis as they called it on the news this morning? If you live in London like me you’re probably among the unlucky lot who didn’t. I have a friend up in Northumberland who watsapped me some pics. It’s one of the things on my bucket list.

As for my to-do list for the weekend, well the first is to prep for my interview next week. I think it’s important to have a look at what they’re talking about on Social Media. I haven’t followed them though, on my personal or SecretPA avatar account though as I don’t want to influence their decision before the interview. Of course a lot of employers do check out your profile online so they may well have seen my tweets. I have been keeping an eye on their channels though, and I think it’s definitely a good fit and a job I’d enjoy. It’s a professional PA role but there will be a few Private PA duties as well, so similar to my last job.

Anyway, we’ll see. Going to pick out my outfit beforehand.

Oh, there’s the boss. Got to run.

Have a lovely weekend peeps and wish me luck for Monday! I need it. Really want that job

More soon xx