The Secret PA : Day 1055

Published on: 7 Feb 2014

I always envisioned stepping into the inner world of banking as swimming with sharks, and after a few weeks of being immersed in this somewhat cold sea watching the Wolf of Wall Street only drove that home even further. The difference is it’s all legit here, no dodgy dealings. The film was really good though, Leonardo Di Caprio did a pretty brill job I have to admit. Anyway, back to the shark pool, it’s sort of as I imagined with an upstairs and downstairs by which I mean asset management and hedge funds.

Occasionally sparks fly and it brings people together at the pub and at other times it does the reverse. It’s amazing how much you can learn by keeping your ears open in the ladies room, especially if it’s at the pub downstairs. I know I make it sound a bit sinister but it’s really just a slightly heightened level of office politics. It’s a bit like the upstairs and downstairs in Downton Abbey but then every office has a Thomas – for those of you who don’t watch Downton you may be a bit confused but I think you get my drift.

It’s very different from my previous office, but the best thing to do is not comment and not divulge your views if you want to stay out of it. If there’s one thing I learnt from Scarlet it was to never make things personal at work, and always stick to the party line. If you feel someone is getting personal at work give them the option to discuss it with you outside the office. When we were out at work drinks the other night I was in the ladies and one of the girls was rather upset because she overheard two other girls saying something about her dress not doing anything for her and she was still stewing over it several hours and 2 glasses of wine later. To be honest I think life is a game of politics and it begins the minute you step into the playground at the age of 4. Don’t you think?

Sorry I’m having a bit of a rant. It’s been a stressful week with the tube strike adding to everything. The boss was late too and I was stranded at the tube trying to cancel his meetings and reschedule them while packed into the crowd on the platform. It took 2 large G&Ts after work to get myself back to a normal level of existence. I was supposed to be interviewing for a new job at a Media agency but it was rescheduled after the tube strike. I may not get the job but every interview is a learning experience and it’s not just about the interviewer finding you a suitable fit but you finding the company a place where you feel you fit. We’ll see what happens. The interview is next Friday. It’s a relatively small company but we’ll see. 

I’m so glad it’s the weekend. I’m actually catching up with Whiz Girl to see how she’s getting on at her new job. She seems to be enjoying it. I do like the office here and the coffee machine and now that people are getting to know me it’s definitely getting better but maybe a tad dry for my creative palate. Oh, by the way, there’s this guy who I met when we were out for work drinks last week and we got chatting. He likes going to gigs and is fit without being slick in a sleazy way and has subtly tried to ask me out for a drink….but I’m feigning ignorance for the moment. Something tells me it’s not a good idea.

Oh no, here comes slick, what does he want now......he’s talking to the other PA as I clack away at my keyboard finishing this. I must looks possessed and I can see them giving me odd glances from the corner of my eye. Now they’re heading off to the boss’s office with a file. That reminds me I have some admin to do which I better get on with now that my eggs and cress S/W has been successfully demolished.

Have a good one, and enjoy your weekend xx