The Secret PA : Day 1050

Published on: 31 Jan 2014

Sorry it’s been a while, it’s been a bit hectic at this new job, what with the other PA being off sick for several days and then the boss. The auditors have descended and it’s tense.

It’s also been weird seeing Slick after our initial encounter. Even weirder when he came to chat while I was on lunch and we ended up playing a round of tic-tac-toe while he was waiting for the boss to get off a call. He has asked me out for a coffee but so far I haven’t accepted. After the last debacle with Banker guy gut feeling says bankers aren’t my type. And then of course there’s the fact that we work in the same office. It could get awkward, if you know what I mean.

I was out for my first official work drinks – mid week pub o’clock. I abandoned ‘dry January’ over a week ago and then when the boss is buying you don’t really say no, even if it means being hit in the head thrice with a B52. I did make it in despite getting home at silly o’clock. 

I don’t think this is the right place for me though…I feel like my creativity has no outlet and I might start mood boarding the wall behind my desk and sprinkling glitter on the floors very soon…Just between you and me I have been looking around. I have my CV on SecsintheCity and set to searchable and I’ve set up job alerts but nothing quite right has made it’s way to me, yet. Then again, what is right? I’m torn between staying in ‘The City’ or heading back to the West End. I also like the idea of working as a Private PA, I saw a really cool job on SecsintheCity for a travelling PA. Maybe that’s the kind of job for me… 

We’ll see. Oops, the boss is heading my way. Got to run! 

Have a lovely weekend  xx