The Secret PA : Day 1043

Published on: 17 Jan 2014

I was in the loo for a tick and in that time my tea relocated itself to the other side of my desk. Not a biggie but somewhat disconcerting that someone took the liberty of moving it.

Maybe it’s got something to do with year end and stress levels – and the fact that the boss is a borderline slave driver. I don’t think I’ve left the office before half seven even once.

The other PA has been off sick this week with the noro virus so I’m the only PA on the floor at the moment. Of course it’s terrible for her, she’s got a bad case. Whiz girl had it last year and was really poorly. Speaking of whom, she’s found a new job as a temp at a media agency and it really enjoying it.

I have a few friends who work as PAs in finance on whose recommendation I decided to pursue this interim role but I think it’s just not me. I miss organising events, as time intensive and complicated as they were I enjoyed the creativity, and producing something that people loved attending.

The pay here is good but it’s a very corporate environment. Quirky and famous doesn’t hang around here but men in suits do. I also had a bit of an awkward moment the other day when I went to this bar in the city with a couple of my PA friends working in the area. I guess I now understand why they call that bar ‘a meat market’. I was waiting for my friends so no one would take our space while they went to the loo and I got chatted up by some bloke who was a bit too smooth for my liking. Luckily my friends showed up just in time.

Then, as we were leaving I saw him chatting none other than the boss himself. When I walked into work the next morning and saw slick (not looking so slick after what I suspect was a mid week binge) I was even more surprised. Apparently he had been away on a business trip which is why I hadn’t seen him before. Awkward…..

Thank god it’s Friday! I don’t think this week could have gone much slower really. Definitely going to treat myself to a spa indulgence this weekend.

Have a good one all