The Secret PA : Day 1007

Published on: 9 Dec 2013

So I’m officially on gardening leave but definitely not doing any gardening in this weather! Does putting up a tree count? I didn’t think so.

I finished the boss’s Christmas shopping but I’ve still not finished my own! The office Christmas Party was last week. It was a rocking jazz themed party with a bit of chart topping pop thrown in to mix it up a little. It was great but also a bit nostalgic for me knowing that it would be the last one I organised at the company. 

Whiz Girl is already temping at a new PR agency. I’ve had a couple of interviews including some interim ones which are quite well paid and I might take on an interim role until I find the right next job. Taking on temp roles doesn’t make you a job hopper and that interim role could actually turn into a permanent one.

I was following the SecsintheCity tweet up #sitccareerqa last week. Even though we know what to do when job hunting we need a reminder, especially if it’s been a while since you were looking as it has been in my case. I do have 2 potential interim offers in the pipeline in two different sectors. One is in Media and the other is actually in Banking. Hmmm….not sure if Finance is my gig but then again, I have been supporting the FD here and I have the right skills and experience and the pay is quite tempting.

I guess I’ll have to wait and see what happens….neither need me to start until the New Year which is good in a way, I could use a bit of downtime.

Anyway, I’m off to get some shopping done.

Have a great week x