The Secret PA - Christmas Party movers and shockers!

Published on: 17 Dec 2013

Hello everyone,

How’s the Christmas prep going? I finally managed to get my shopping done this week – gardening leave has its uses! I even managed to get all my cards off before the last post rush. Just FYI, the last post for Christmas if you’re aiming to get your cards and pressies over in time is tomorrow for 2nd class and Friday for signed first class.

The job hunt is going ok, good actually. I’ve decided to take on an interim role in Banking which is a big change! But hey, sometimes it’s a good thing to mix it up a little and I have been supporting the FD here.

Still, I did get him to loosen the purse strings slightly as the voice of the floor when it came to the Christmas Party but it wasn’t that hard since it was going to be a bit of a send off for many like myself who would be moving on.  Speaking of which, I have some gossip!

Aside from a few people getting tipsy and falling over, there were no major incidents. We did have some eventful occurrences though that caused murmurs in the office the next morning. I was in starbucks the next morning and one of the guys from the office was in front of me in the queue and actually had a blank when the barista asked him his name! And then there was Whiz Girl who woke up the next morning and found that the last thing on her phone was a Google search for ‘how to get glitter off your face’. Oh and then LA Liz accidentally went home in the Scarecrow’s coat and left hers at the club and had to go back the next day. 

It was a really fun party overall, and we even had Tie Max and Mr T dancing to the 70s music that themed the night.

It was a good way to end the era at the company but now it’s time to look ahead. Onwards and upwards. I wonder what the new job will bring!

Have a lovely holiday season all.

See you in 2014 if not sooner