Back to reality for The Secret PA

Published on: 14 Oct 2014

Well the buzz of fashion week has turned into a marathon of write ups and look books.

A ‘popsicle’ may sound like a summer treat, however in fashion speak this now apparently translates to a tube-like scarf made of fur. Similarly, those little googly-eyed pompoms you pick up at exhibition fairs are one of the most sought after accessories of the season starting around £115...who’d have thought! As the weather begins to nip, oversized fur is a must, though I don’t want to raise too many eyebrows at work (where botox is absent.)

Speaking of Winter, Christmas event invites are beginning to flood in, quantifying Christmas’ reputation as a ‘merry’ season. It’s a struggle to be glam in the biting cold though I guess rosy cheeks mean we save on blusher...

Although I spy that Benefit are exhibiting at SecsintheCity’s Little Purple Book next week; hello makeover! Are any of you attending next Monday too?

Hope to put a few of your names to faces...