Private PAs in high demand

Published on: 11 Feb 2019

The number of recruiters searching for Private PAs on the SecsintheCity CV database increased significantly in January.

Searches for the ‘Private PA’ job title saw a month-on-month climb of 131%, while searches for ‘Private Individual / Family’ as a sector received monthly and yearly increases of 426% and 182% respectively.

Meanwhile, the number of Private PA jobs listed on SecsintheCity in January was 73% higher than December 2018 and the number of jobs in the Private Individual / Family sector saw an increase of 43%.

It seems that as 2019 kicks off, many private individuals and families are looking for dedicated, talented and organised PAs: that’s where you come in. If you have been considering going private, now may be the time to take advantage of some excellent opportunities.

What does a Private PA do?

Depending on employer – a senior business person, celebrity, entrepreneur or other individual whose wealth originates from another venture or circumstance – the role of a Private PA can vary greatly.

However, the core duties of a Private PA are similar to those of a PA. Expect to make travel arrangements, book meetings and generally organise the diary of your boss and perhaps also their family.

Often, work as a Private PA will take you outside of the office, and for some there will be no office at all. Instead, you could find yourself supporting your employer remotely, in their home or accompanying them while they travel.

The perks of going private

In the recently published SecsintheCity Salary Insight Report 2018, we found that respondents working in the Private Individual / Family industry were the highest paid by sector, with salaries averaging £43,618 per year.

Similarly, Private PAs were near the top of the table for salaries by job title, receiving £44,322 per year on average while those in London were awarded salaries of £46,477. 46% of Private PAs topped up their salaries with a bonus in 2018.

Making the change

While the transition can be significant, most existing PAs will find they have already honed many of the skills required to succeed as a Private PA.

If you’re a PA considering a career switch-up, browse the latest Private PA jobs and jobs in the Private Individual / Family sector today on SecsintheCity to discover roles that could convince you to make the change. Alternatively, upload your CV to our database so recruiters can find and contact you directly regarding the latest roles for Private PAs.