PA of the Year: Could YOU be the winner?

Published on: 8 Aug 2019

With the nomination deadline for the PA of the Year Awards fast approaching, it’s time to send in those final applications.

SecsintheCity believe in the importance of celebrating individual achievements of administrative and office support professionals – and that’s why we strongly recommend submitting a nomination for yourself.

When you consider the sheer effort and commitment of PAs, EAs and Office Managers, there’s certainly no reason for you to stay modest about your personal achievements!

In fact, several of our previous PAOTY finalists nominated themselves for the awards, including last year’s winners Julia Tolkaciova (PA of the Year) and Craig Harris (Social Media PA of the Year).

Craig encourages prospective nominees to think positively about the interview process, stating ‘if this process puts someone off being nominated, don’t let it, everyone that interviews you is lovely.’

Julia also described it as a ‘really fun’ experience, and that she went into the interview ‘keen to share [her] experiences and passion for the role.’

With nominations closing on September 13th, don’t wait to self-nominate!

Click the button below to fill out our online application form:

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If you’re still on the fence, read more about previous candidates who were self-nominated below:

Kelly Gethin, PA of the Year Finalist 2018:

'The application took 10 minutes to complete with a few questions nothing too in depth. You automatically think you need to be nominated for this award by someone, which is not the case at all. I had seen many previous EAs who had won the award had put themselves forward for the running, so that is exactly what I did. My advice to any PA / EA who wants to take a shot at this year’s awards, go for it!'

Janice Parker, Winner of Social Media PA of the Year 2016:

I found the application process easy. I nominated myself by filling out the short online form. I got an email to say I’d been shortlisted for interview, which was more like a conversation with friends, and before I knew it the hour was up.’

‘I would definitely recommend others to enter. What’s the worst that can happen? It’s good to enter even if you are not shortlisted and the application form reminds you of your achievements and shows how much you have contributed to the organisation and external networks.’

Sue Fletcher, Winner of the Outstanding Achievement Award 2016:

‘I remember seeing an advertisement pop up on LinkedIn asking, “Are you, or do you know a PA who deserves recognition?” and I thought “Hell - yes I do!” I wrote my application there and then, didn’t even keep a copy so I have no idea what I wrote. I forgot all about it until I received an email to say I had made the shortlist!’

‘I didn’t for one minute ever imagine that I would be a finalist and was really overwhelmed to be shortlisted. The judging panel were wonderful though, and I think quite taken aback at the stories I had of how often I go above and beyond the call of duty.’


To submit a nomination, click here for the online application form.

Good luck to all nominees!