What does your online brand say about you?

Published on: 27 Oct 2015

When you’re looking for a new job do you take any notice of your online brand? Many recruiters will search for candidates online when shortlisting for an interview and what they see, or don’t see, online can sometimes be a deciding factor in their decision.

Protect your online brand

When you’re job searching it’s important you take some time to check your online brand. Many recruiters will check candidates out online when shortlisting candidates so you need to make a good impression.

Check your privacy settings on social media sites to make sure only your friends can see your full profile. There may be elements of your profile that you want potential recruiters to see – photos of events that you’ve organised or your recent climb up Kilimanjaro. Just make sure your privacy settings show only what you want it to show.

Don’t offend: Be careful how your comments or opinions portray you to others. If you regularly comment on blogs or leave reviews, be mindful that these will appear in search results.

Professional brand: If you want to keep your personal blog or twitter separate from your work persona why not use an alias for your personal online profile and focus on using your name to build an identity that will be appealing to recruiters.

Promote your online brand

When you google your name what appears in the search results? If you are an active blogger or regularly tweet useful information, recruiters will see a wealth of information about you online which will help to create a professional image for you.

SecsintheCity are currently looking for PAs to share their top tips and advice with other PAs in the industry. This is a great way for you to begin building your online brand. SecsintheCity is launching a weekly interview blog called #PAoftheWeek and we’re looking for PAs to take part. If you’re interested email SecsintheCity and we will schedule you in for an interview.