Leadership is Not Just for Directors

Written by: Ruth Hughes, Australasian Recruitment Company
Published on: 3 May 2016

Do you have an open mind? Are you a good listener and able to empathise with others? Do you genuinely care about other people?  These are qualities that are often innate within the administrative professional but did you know that they are also the qualities of a leader?

Leadership image Many people are under the impression  that being a leader is about having  “Manager” or “Director” within their job  title, but the skills involved in great  leadership also make you a great  employee and a role model within your  company and will ultimately lead to  career progression if you apply them to  your working life. 

The following traits can be found within all great leaders; leaders of industry, leaders of countries and leaders in everyday life. While you may not be earning a directorship salary you could still be portraying these qualities and believe me, it does get you noticed in the workplace!  

•    Keep an Open Mind                            Leadership 2
•    Offer advice
•    Be reliable
•    Be a good listener
•    Insist on perfection
•    Be positive
•    Treat others with respect
•    Lead by example
•    Have genuine compassion for others
•    Be passionate about what you do
•    Be confident!

Due to the nature of their work and the support they offer to the business the office professional must naturally exhibit a lot of these traits in order to even begin their day being the backbone of the business. I am certain that many PA’s, EA’s and administrative professionals out there will already be able to relate to the above signs of leadership and can think of how they apply them to their work every single day. 

When I reflect upon my own personal career progression which began all those years ago; from Customer Service, Receptionist, Executive Assistant, Senior Executive Assistant to Business Operations Manager, I firmly believe that while the acquisition of the technical skills required for each career step were important, it was definitely the fine-tuning of the “softer skills” listed above that help to put me ahead of the rest for career progression. 

And that is not to say that the learning is ever done! Every day within the workplace can provide you with new challenges and ways to apply the above qualities. Always keep these traits in mind and you will go far in your career and maybe one day you will get to that directorship salary by being the natural leader that was already inside of you!

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Leadership 3

Ruth Hughes

Travel addict and absolute perfectionist, Ruth Hughes is the Business Operations Manager at Australasian Recruitment Company. 

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