Interview with Jules Clark: Legal PA of the Year winner

Published on: 25 Nov 2015

Jules Clark

Jules Clark, PA to the CEO and Managing Partner at Eversheds

Jules won our Legal PA of the Year category at this year's PA of the Year Awards. We caught up with Jules to ask her some questions.


How does it feel to be awarded Legal PA of the Year?

It is a true pinnacle in my career to be awarded Legal PA of the year 2015.  It is fantastic to see the profession getting such recognition and also to be shortlisted against such a high calibre of my peers.


How did you become a Legal PA?

After working for a Head of Legal in Australia when I moved to London in 2005 I took a job working for the Head of Legal for Europe and Asia for Cantor Fitzgerald and really fell in love with the Law.   During the global financial crisis I took a job at Eversheds and it was the best decision I ever made as it is a truly innovative law firm and a fantastic company to be part of.


What qualities do you need to be a successful Legal PA?

I think qualities that allow you to succeed within the Legal profession is adaptability, the ability to find the balance between remaining calm and approachable but also being able to be robust when needed, a keen eye for detail and a passion to succeed.


What are your secrets to managing a busy workload?

I think the true key to managing a busy workload is to always be a step ahead of the game, the use of technology devices has helped our profession enormously (I am currently typing this as I am on a train to our Cardiff office for a two day meetings), utilise your devices so you are always in view of what is coming down the pipeline which minimises surprises and get across the detail for both yourself and your boss.  And of course we always need the basics which is a comprehensive to do list which you must make the time to do.  In times of high pressure I will often stop what I am doing and take 5 minutes to clearly set out my priorities which ensure the focus is where it needs to be.


What tips can you share with other Legal PAs?

My biggest tip is to immerse yourself completely in to your role and achieve a real sense of ownership for your contribution to the business and your boss.  Some people see attending meetings and taking minutes as a chore but in reality it is a real opportunity to keep your finger on the pulse of what is happening in the business which allows you to proactively manage the workload of yourself and boss.  Find the balance between work and home which we all know is hard as we all need some downtime but also be excited about your role within the profession as it is a fantastic position to have!