How to Write a Standout CV for a Role as a Private PA

Written by: Rikki Wimmer
Published on: 10 Jul 2018

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Rikki Wimmer at TopCV, the largest CV-writing service in the world, shares advice on how to write a CV that will help you stand out in your job search for a role as a private PA.

Looking for your next role as a private PA? It starts with your CV. A good CV can be all it takes to land you that first step towards your next career. If you want yours to stand out from the crowd, make sure you include the following things.

Clear and concise formatting

Before a recruiter even begins to read your CV, the first thing they will notice is the presentation. How does your CV look on a page? This is where good formatting becomes essential.

The best thing about a CV is that it doesn’t need to be fancy. In fact, it shouldn’t be. Clean fonts, short paragraphs, headings and bullet points are what you should be aiming for. Keep it clear, concise and easy to read and you’re on the right track.

When it comes to the structure of your CV, recruiters often read the upper-middle section of the first page first. Therefore, put your greatest selling points in this section. Whether it’s your skills or you most recent work experience, pick the things that are going to impress the recruiter the most and incorporate them into this section of your CV.

A carefully-crafted personal statement

When it comes to listing your skills, education and work experience, it is all about highlighting the facts, preferably in bullet points. However, when it comes to your personal statement, it’s your time to truly shine.

Make the most of this short paragraph by showcasing why you are the best candidate for the role. Highlight the skills and experience that are most relevant to your role as a private PA, ensuring they are directly tailored to the specific job at hand. Unlike the rest of your CV, a personal statement gives you the opportunity to be more creative and strategic in how you present yourself.

A relevant and targeted skills section

The skills section on your CV can be your best – or worst – friend. When written correctly, it can help your CV pass an applicant tracking system and win you that first phone call from a recruiter. When written poorly, it can make your CV appear too generic and get lost in CV cyberspace.

So, the question remains: Are you highlighting the right skills on your CV?

When it comes to a role as a private PA, there are certain skills that are essential across the board. These range from administrative skills to technological skills to communication skills.

Below are a few of the more common skills recruiters will be looking for when hiring a private PA:

  • Administrative skills

  • Diary management

  • Adequate typing speed

  • Minute taking

  • Front-office management

  • Travel coordination

  • Arranging meetings

  • Event coordination

  • Screening calls

  • Excellent communication skills (verbal, non-verbal and written)

  • Drafting emails

  • Database management

  • Preparing presentations

  • Strong computer and word processing skills

In addition to these, there are a range of soft skills that are equally important for a role as a private PA. These can include:

  • High degree of confidentiality

  • Organisational skills

  • Time management

  • Interpersonal skills

  • Ability to juggle multiple priorities

  • Problem solving

  • Positive attitude

It’s important to remember that your CV is your sales pitch. If you want to standout, you need to present a CV that not only looks good, but also says the right things.

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