How to get the best out of a networking event

Published on: 8 Mar 2016

Aimee Bateman is a careers coach and the founder of Careercake. Here she gives her top tips for networking.

Do your research: there will be influencers there – find out who's going, get the delegate list before and decide who you want to work for. Research the people and the companies and industry. You don't want to just talk about their business but the whole market place

Remember the 7 second rule: people tend to make a first impression within the first 7 seconds so smile, look enthusiastic and engaged,

Practice makes perfect: Don't head straight to the main influencers you want to impress. Work the room first and build up your confidence,

Keep a record: Make sure you take business cards and jot down things that you've spoken about. Follow up with them after a day or two and you can refer to what you spoke about.

Go it alone: You may be tempted to go to networking events with a friend or colleague but you'll get more out of it if you go it alone.